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Netzee is a location-based information-sharing app created to offer deals and experiences on everything nearby.



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Explore local deals, services and experiences with ease. Netzee categorizes everything for effortless discovery.

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Netzee features

Discover your world with Netzee

  • Discover Amazing Deals and Experiences near you!

    Find amazing deals, events and exciting experiences near you! Explore our carefully chosen collections of deals and experiences sorted how close they are to you. Whether you want great discounts, limited-time offers nearby, or a great experience, we got you covered. Netzee Categories will help you discover the perfect match you're looking for.

    • Flash Deals : Instant Nearby Offers
    • Great Experiences: Dinning, Entertainment, Sports and many more
    • Live local events
    • Tour anywhere but experience everything like a Local
  • Stay connected with your favorite Businesses and Services, Receive notifications on your Interested Categories

    Never miss a beat with Netzee's seamless connectivity to your preferred businesses and services. Simply add them as your favourites, and stay updated with their latest news, promotions, and offerings, no matter where you are. Netzee ensures you're always in the loop, keeping you informed about all the exciting updates from your chosen favourites.

    Netzee also allows you to customise your preferred categories using My Interest feature and get notified about nearby things that match your Interest.

    With Netzee, you'll never miss out on anything that matters to you. Stay connected and enjoy a personalized and rewarding experience.

    • Get notified on your preferred Interests nearby
    • Receive notifications from your Favorive Sellers
  • Uncover Local Merchants and Services with Ease!

    Netzee takes the hassle out of discovering nearby businesses and services by curating an active list. Whether it's in your immediate vicinity or a specific location of your choice, we've got you covered. Find the services you need within seconds, precisely when you need them the most. From local roadside assistance to trusted plumbers and electricians, Netzee puts an extensive network of professionals at your fingertips. Enjoy the convenience of finding essential services effortlessly.

  • Personalize Your Search and Filters!

    Netzee search customizes results just for you. Browse through Categories that match your interests and adjust your search by location and how close things are to you. Get set to find your perfect match quickly!

    • Netzee provide a wide Category Selection
    • You can Search by your interests, Business Names or Tags
    • Select any location on the map and select the radius you are interested in.
  • Effortlessly Promote Your Business in Seconds

    At Netzee, we are laser focused on local businesses and services and provide everyone an equal opportunity to display what they offer. With us, you'll get the right exposure for your business in front of the ideal audience. Use our platform to create short-term promotions that catch people's attention for a few hours or even days, add that spontaneous touch. Also, share exciting business updates and keep your audience interested. Netzee makes it easy to promote your business and connect with the right customers—all with just a few clicks. Discover the strength of effective promotion and open doors to new growth opportunities for your business.

    • Create Flash Deals at preferred hours and gain instant customer attention
    • Engage with your customers with business news
    • Attract the Right Audience instantly with with very little cost


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High reach - Reach and attract many customers around your business
Netzee attracts you the the right customers instantly near to you. This makes your advertising more effective, cheap and will reach the right audience in right time.
Affordable - An inexpensive solution to market your business
Netzee offers a convenient and budget-friendly platform for local merchants to effectively market their businesses and services.
Ease of use - With only a few clicks you can start marketing your products and services
Netzee provides a simple and user-friendly features to promote your business and keep them engaged to your offerings.
Instant advertising - Create Flash Deals to take advantage of dynamics in the market
Netzee provides multiple tools to promote your business. It can be a long standing promotion or a Flash Deals for few hours. You can be flexible with changing marketing dynamics and instantly reach out to customers and gain more traction and customer engagement.

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